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Tyler Reid is an independent American country music singer. The native northeast Ohio singer-songwriter came up playing sing-along songs and telling stories for festivals, fairs, and honkytonk concertgoers across the Midwest since he was 16.  Inspired early, playing anything from the blues and punk rock to country and gospel music provided the basis and path for his musical journey.


Tyler was raised by his mother to have a sweetness in his demeanor and by his father whom he tragically lost in 2022 to have the charm and work ethic that will take him anywhere he needs to go. Tyler learned much about life and attributes any success to sticking to who he was raised to be, and even more importantly, a follower of Jesus and a child of God.


The goal of any performing artist is to connect with their audience. Tyler has that ability in spades by being vulnerable enough but authentically his own in the way he performs and embraces the stage.


With new songs on the docket being added for release, look for those on all major platforms.

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